Live Classes with Candy

What are these?

Is it hard for you to take live classes at your local quilt shop? Are you unable to travel because of physical limitations, distance or the weather?    These classes are  designed just for you.       You will receive so much more than in each four hour session than sewing.  We will have instruction and demo and loads of time to successfully complete the session's tasks that will lead to completing the task at hand.

To take these classes you will need smart phone, tablet, or computer.  We will use a free program called Zoom for our classes.  All classes are recorded so that you can go back and look at them.  While using Zoom you have the ability to listen only (if you want to sew in your P.J's and bunny slippers) or turning on your camera and seeing everyone as we participate in the class.  Regardless of how you join in, you will still be able to interact verbally and through a chat window, 

Prior to our live class you will have several tutorials talking about fabric selections, cutting instructions,  and many other helpful techniques and organization tips to get us ready to sew our project.  That way, when we are ready for class you are all set to go.  These videos will be available two weeks before our class so that you can have plenty of time to get ready.  I will even schedule time to do a one on one consultation about picking fabrics which can include you scheduling an appointment so that we can shop your stash or I can join via live chat at the quilt shop. 

 A few days before each class and after you have had an opportunity to work through the recorded pre-work recordings we will have a live chat to answer any last minute questions.

What makes these classes unique is the way they will be taught. 

 Each class will be taught in two four hour sessions on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8 a.m. -12 p.m.; 1- 5  p.m.; 6 - 10 p.m. ( Each day class will be the exact same thing for both sessions This means if you are signed up for the class you can join us for all three sessions or just one. . If during the course of the class we realize more time is needed, more sessions will be added.  The goal is to have fun and a finished project.

Included with all this are some mind set exercises and some meditations.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, or do know what I am talking about, I think you will find that these very short exercises will take your quilting to the next level and increase your enjoyment and fun along the way. (You will also find they will work in all areas of your life as well.) You will also receive many other tips, tricks, and helpful information that add value to your quilting journey. 

I am always open to ideas for classes so if you have any ideas or requests please share.   Reminder if you do not have the pattern you can order it from me or your local quilt shop.  You must have a pattern to take the class.



Each Class includes two hours one on one help with your project using ZOOM, google chat or the phone.; Life time access to the class; the pattern*; and any specialty item you may need to make the quilt.  All this but most importantly -- the fun of quilting with a group.  

For every two (2) live classes get your third class for $89.99.. 

IMPROTANT:  You must have a pattern for each class.  I will have the patterns available for  purchase in my on line store.  I will offer all patterns with a 20% discount which should cover the cost of mailing it to you in most cases.  Some patterns will be available for download when possible.